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A Plan for the future
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A Plan for the future

James G. Needham (Jim) has a plan!

If you ask Jim what his plan is, this is what he would tell you:

     Our country, and the world, is facing some major problems which would take the wisdom of Solomon to resolve!  The first step in solving any problem, however, is to identify it.  I don't believe it takes a 'rocket scientist' to realize we have some serious fiscal challenges here in Molalla.  These issues did not just happen.  They were the result of a leadership deficit - trying to manage a city by delegating all authority to staff, and then failing to provide the consensus supervision to ensure exceptionalism in staff instead of mediocrity.  Leadership from behind is simply untenable as doing the same things expecting different results!
     We also have grave energy problems when the price of gasoline can increase by a dollar per gallon in a few months, and then it takes "the worst recession since the Great Depression" to bring the price back down to an economically manageable level!  The best way to address such issues at the community level is to set target goals such as providing Community Based Agriculture and expanding local commerce to provide employment sufficient for every member of the Molalla workforce who may wish to work locally - in family-wage jobs.
     We have unprecedented levels of home foreclosures and homelessness, primarily among children and veterans, right here in Molalla.  There are things we can do as a community which are not possible to achieve by government.  We have many assets and resources in the Molalla area which are viable methods of addressing Housing, Healthcare, Employment, Transportation and Family Skills.  We have accomplished great achievements by collaborative efforts to provide a Library, Swimming Pool, and continually improving Parks and Recreation Facilities.  There is no reason we cannot make it a community goal to address repair and improvements to our Transportation infrastructure and/or establish a trails/bicycle paths to ensure the safety and recreational needs of Molalla citizens and our youth.
     The problems are great, and without precedent, but not hopeless.  However, failure to address them may be catastrophic!  The solutions will require everyone to make contributions and perhaps sacrifices - not just one component of the economic structure.  Sacrifices must begin with the individual - then escalate to the community and beyond.  Americans comprise approximately 5% of the world population but consume over 20% of global energy and resources!

The following propositions constitute a starting point - a foundation for the future:

  • Energy conservation must begin at home.  If every home in America reduced their energy consumption by just 15% we would no longer need to import oil!

  • We must overcome divisiveness at every level of government, focusing on common community needs, and work together to find a consensus solution.  The winning team is the one which works best together.

  • Government costs must be reduced by shifting provision of social services to volunteer, faith-based, community service and 501c(3) organizations at the local level - where they belong and may be most effectively identified, addressed and monitored.

  • A vigorous energy policy must be developed at every level without delay.  Leadership cannot lead without vision and a plan.

  • We need to engage stakeholders in more government decision-making.  The head cannot function without the body, nor is the body able to function without the head!

  • ACTION is the imperative - Any Change To Improve Our Nation!

In a July 16, 2008 OpEd titled “We Must Act Now to Prepare for Molalla’s Future”. Jim wrote for the Molalla Pioneer he included most of these proposals in what he called the "Molalla Plan".